La Maréchaude

The former wine estate La Maréchaude is situated among the rolling hills of Southern Burgundy , near the famous medieval town of Cluny and the village of Taizé .

La Maréchaude was built by a noble family before 1700 and was completely self-sufficient . They kept pigeons for their meat and eggs in the large dovecote, they had a vegetable garden , an orchard , and various springs and wells with pure water. They produced wine from the vines on the surrounding hills while the park and nearby forests provided the wood for their fires and heating. They kept chickens and sheep and there was a basin for carp. The chapel, coach house, bread oven and the large barn with a wine press and various other outbuildings still stand on the property, which in the 18th and 19th centuries included 250 acres of meadows , forests and vineyards .
From our domain you have a magnificent view over the hills of the Clunysois as the region surrounding Cluny is called. Many touristic and cultural activities are on offer here, and our cottage is an ideal starting point from which to enjoy them. But even with the heightened touristic activity in high season, you can always be assured that the peace and tranquillity which so characterises both La Maréchaude and the Clunysois at other times of the year will not be compromised.