A very special place in spiritual Burgundy can be found at the ecumenical community of Taizé, a small village 10 km. from our holiday home.

The history of Taizé began in 1940 when brother Roger settled in Taizé to take in refugees of war. Other brothers joined him and this led to the founding of a religious community devoted to a celibate life of simplicity.

Because of the unusual ecumenical nature of the community, Taizé attracted the interest of theologians and the faithful. From the end of the 50’s, many came to Taizé for bible study, reflection, discussion, prayer and silence. The Taizé community now welcomes more than 100.000 visitors annually.

In your holiday apartment, you will find a book with excursions to the loveliest Romanesque churches and chapels.

Spiritual Burgundy

Burgundy is steeped in spirituality and is reflected in the fact that the abbey of Cluny, founded in 910, grew to be the most influential spiritual, political and cultural centre in mediaeval Europe. The many spiritual places in Burgundy still attract hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and visitors. Some of the most interesting are the basilica of Paray-le-Monial (500.00 pilgrims annually) the basilica of Vezelay, the cathedral of Autun, the abbey of Tournus, and – as an example of the countless chapels in the region with their typical Romanesque architecture and fresco paintings – the chapel of Berze la ville. The relatively unknown royal cloister of Brou with its flamboyant gothic style is a gem worthy of a special visit. Exceptional is the Temple of the 1000 Buddha’s in La Boulaye.